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Sagot ko na! Duterte to pay for return trip of Aussie sailors if…

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President Rodrigo Duterte has offered to pay for the return ticket of Australian sailors should the Royal Australian Navy give its largest ship to the Philippines.

Amid light rains, Duterte cracked a joke in front of Australian Navy personnel during his visit to the Her Majesty Australian Ship Adelaide docked at the Port of Manila Tuesday (October 10).

“The captain said that if you decide to decommission this one and come up with a new one, just park it here. I’ll give you the ticket back home to Australia,” he said.

While Duterte said Manila could not compare to Australia, he said he welcomes Australian sailors to the country’s capital.

“I hope you have time to visit the pleasant city. It could not compare to Australia,” he said.

During his visit, Duterte took a look at the vessel’s medical facility, flight deck, and bridge and flight control office with Filipino and Australian government dignitaries.