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Sana matapos na! Duterte: PH suffering from ‘severe case of terrorism’

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President Rodrigo Duterte has stressed the gravity of terrorism confronting the Philippines as he urged countries allied with the Philippines to unite against the nuclear threat posed by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

During his visit to the Her Majesty Australian Ship Adelaide docked at the Port of Manila Tuesday (October 10), Duterte said the Philippines remains on alert for the threat of a nuclear fallout even though the government has its hands full fighting terrorists.

“I know that you are in a state of alertness. So are we. But we are also suffering from a severe case of terrorism,” he told Australian officials led by Ambassador to the Philippines Amanda Gorely.

Duterte said the Philippines is “coping” and he is hopeful that the fighting in Marawi City will be over “in about one week.”

“We have suffered casualties, the biggest so far in my — in present years. And I am sad that terrorism has arrived in my land,” he said.

Duterte said that while he has nothing against Maranaos, the international terrorist group ISIS is “quite active” spreading its roots in the Philippines.

In light of terrorism, the President said there is nothing wrong about countries raising awareness on who enters its borders.

“It’s not bad to be strict in — in immigration laws. It is really — has something to do with the self-preservation of a nation,” he said.