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Sasaklolohin pa kaya? Qatar court finds Pinay guilty of killing own baby

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A Qatari court has found a Filipina domestic helper guilty of killing her newborn baby.

The Doha Criminal Court reached the verdict after the Filipina’s co-worker testified the woman slit the baby’s throat and dumped the body in a nearby trash bin.

“I heard a baby crying in the other room. When I went in I saw some blood on the baby … She pushed me out, locked the door and covered the window with paper but there was a small part uncovered. I saw her beat the baby on her face and attempt to strangle her. When that didn’t work she took out a knife and slit the baby’s throat,” Qatar newspaper Al Raya reported.

For his part, the employer said he was not aware that his helper was pregnant.

A separate report on Gulf News said the court will likely announce the punishment next month.