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Sawa na sa salita! Less than 4 out of 10 Pinoys believes Duterte will fulfill promises

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Public expectation with President Rodrigo Duterte continues to fall, with Social Weather Stations’ latest survey showing just 35 percent or four out of 10 Filipinos believing he will fulfill most, if not all, of his promises.

The result of the SWS survey is a 17-percent drop from the 52 percent rating Duterte got in March. It is also 28 percent lower than the 63 percent he got when the question was first asked in June last year, shortly after he won in the elections.

Of the number of Filipinos optimistic about Duterte’s ability to fulfill his promises, eight percent believe the President can make “all or nearly all” of his vows true, while 27 percent say he can fulfill “most” of his promises.

Meanwhile, half of the respondents or 57 perccent believe he can fulfill a “few” of his promises and the remaining six percent said “none or almost none.”

The survey question was, “Sa inyong palagay, ilan sa mga pangako ni Pang. Rody Duterte ang posibleng matutupad? [LAHAT O HALOS LAHAT SA MGA PANGAKO, KARAMIHAN SA MGA PANGAKO, MGA ILAN SA MGA PANGAKO, HALOS WALA O WALA SA MGA PANGAKO]”

SWS conducted the survey nationwide from September 23 to 27 with 1,500 respondents.

The expectation that Duterte can fulfill “all or nearly all” of his promises fell across all areas.

It fell the highest in Mindanao at 33 points, from 75 percent in March to 42 percent.

Thirty-four percent of respondents in Balance Luzon believe the President can deliver on his promises, down from 45 percent.

The percentage of Filipinos in Metro Manila who believe Duterte’s ability to fulfill his vows dropped to 32 percent from 45 percent; and to 31 percent fro 49 percent in the Visayas.