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Sereno says democracy under threat: If I can be removed on false grounds, who is safe in this country?

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Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes Sereno said efforts by the country’s most powerful people to impeach her was not just about removing a personal obstacle in the Supreme Court but about sabotaging the country’s democratic foundation.

“Alam niyo ho, ang tingin ko dito, this is getting to be larger than myself. This is no longer just about me. It is about our democracy,” said Sereno in an exclusive interview with ANC’s Karen Davila.

“If they can do this to the Chief Justice, fabricate charges, and some might say gang up (on her), and deny her basic Constitutional rights, who is safe in this country. If a Chief Justice who can only be accused of these allegations, which are even false, will be removed from office, is there any judge or justice in this country who is safe?” she added.

Sereno has accused President Rodrigo Duterte himself of backing Attorney Lorenzo Gadon’s impeachment complaint filed against her in the House of Representatives fully controlled by administration supporters.

“Is the judiciary safe? And if judiciary is not safe, is democracy safe? Are the constitutional rights of people still assured because the only way you can assure the rights of people is that if you have a virtuous and independent judiciary,” she said.

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