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Sino bang papatay sa inyo? Duterte calls politikos’ use of protocol plates a waste of money

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For President Rodrigo Duterte, the use of protocol plates by politikos is nothing but a vanity that taxpayers have to pay for.

In a speech at the inauguration of a bridge in Davao del Norte Thursday (May 18), Duterte forwned on the inconvenience the public has to suffer when politikos get VIP treatment, as is the case with him.

“I was going around Manila pati dito using sirens and kung magbaba mga dalawang pulis tapos may isang… Ngayon you are wasting money, sino ba ang papatay sa iyo?” he asked.

Duterte urged politikos to be “low-key” since it’s taxpayers which have to pay for their expenses.

“Huwag tayong mag-hambog kay hindi man natin pera ‘yan at saka wala ‘yang mga status symbol na mga siren-siren,” he said.

Duterte said he has banned members of the Cabinet from using the “6” protocol plate since it is just a status symbol and an expression of vanity.