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A slap on Trillanes’ wrist won’t be enough for Dick: Dapat masampolan yan! enough for Dick: Dapat masampolan yan!

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Senator Dick Gordon has asked the Senate ethics and privileges committee to investigate Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and was adamant that he would not settle for a mere reprimand against the former Magdalo mutineer.

“The continuing, schematic and incorrigible abrasive conduct of Trillanes should be dealt with accordingly, maybe censure is not even enough,” said Gordon.

Gordon accused Trillanes of committing unparliamentary language and disorderly behaviour, for disturbing the proceedings of a Senate committee.

Gordon said some of Trillanes’ words and actions could constitute oral defamation or slander and violation of the Revised Penal Code,

“He is devoid of proper bearing, demeanor and continuously exhibits unbridled immaturity. It is a series of many acts of defamation, slurring the Senate institution, offensive language, disorderly behaviour and conduct which disrupts committee hearings that caused damage to the institution and its members,” Gordon said in his 23-page complaint received by the committee at 7:44 p.m.

Gordon listed down at least five instances as grounds to penalize Trillanes for allegedly being disrespectful and deliberately maligning the blue ribbon committee in its conduct of the blue ribbon committee hearing on the P6.4 billion smuggled shabu.

These are:

1) Trillanes calling the blue ribbon a “comite de absuelto”

2) Accusing Gordon and Sen. Vicente Sotto III for allegedly “lawyering” for Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte and Abogado Manases Carpio

3) Accusing Gordon of bias in the hearing

4) Claiming that Gordon ‎is badgering resource persons in the Senate hearing

5) Threatening to expose alleged irregularities in the Philippine Red Cross headed by Gordon

“Did he prove any of the accusations? It has become a litany of transgressions of people and of calling them names. He has used the Senate as a forum, used his agenda against his enemies and to satisfy his megalomaniac desire for his own self,” he said.

“He is so full of himself without listening to any person, in his desire for propaganda. Truly, now is the opportune time to arrest this despicable pattern of behavior which is trifling this institution,” Gordon added.

Gordon said this has nothing to do with party lines, political alliances or color.

“The Senate is designed to be a forum of men and women who are expected to be competent, mindful and regardful of the public interest through somber, thoughtful and purposeful discourse. Senators are supposed to practice an even higher degree of proper decorum and mutual respect so that they primordially address themselves as ‘honorable,’ ‘gentlemen’ or ladies’,” Gordon said.