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Kabataan Rep. Salo seeks suspension of school drug tests: ‘We don’t want more children tortured, executed’

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Kabayan partylist Rep. Ron Salo asked the Department of Education and the Commission on Higher Education to suspend immediately the plan to conduct drug testing in schools pending their adoption of security measures to ensure the privacy of students who will test positive for illegal drugs.

He said, “The suspension of drug testing implementation by the public and private schools is necessary to make sure that the identities of those who test positive will be protected and that the students and aspiring enrollees will not be targeted either by rogue cops or by the drug lords and traffickers.”

“We do not want more of our children tortured and executed,” Salo said.

He clarified that he is not questioning the legality of the drug testing in schools, but only wants the assurance that it will be secure.

“We want the drug testing data/results secured. We want the human rights of all the youths who undergo drug testing respected. Those data must be kept away from the police and anyone else who should not get access to that data,” he said.