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Spokesman suffers from ‘repeat-itis B’

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A prominent political spokesman was recently admonished by higher ups for being as repetitive as his principal’s campaign jingle.

This spokesman–previously associated with an erring magistrate–has been the butt of inside jokes from media covering the campaign trail because of his stubborn insistence of using the same two or three sentences in answering interview questions.

During a sortie in Angeles, Pampanga earlier this month, this mouthpiece was even heard saying, “hindi naman nagbabago ng posisyon si boss, kaya hindi magbabago ang mga isasagot niya”.

That was all fine and dandy within the party until their principal’s survey numbers began to stagnate.

As a result, Mr. Broken Record was pulled to one side by a party coordinator and was told to drop his tired lines.

This repetitive spokesman’s favorite word is “focus”, which is a good thing since he needs all the focus in the world right now to come up with better sound bytes and quotes for the media.