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Stop your nonsense! Duterte threatens to arrest ICC probers who visit PH

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President Rodrigo Duterte has threatened to arrest investigators from the International Criminal Court who would visit the Philippines as part of a preliminary probe on the killings related to the war on drugs.

In a press briefing Friday (April 13) after arriving from Hong Kong, Duterte maintained that the ICC has no jurisdiction over him or the Philippines because the Rome Statute, the treaty which formed the tribunal, was not published in the Official Gazette.

“Kaya ikaw Ms. Fatou, ‘wag kang pumunta dito because I will bar you. Not because I am afraid of you, I said, because you will never have jurisdiction over my person, not in a million years,” he said, referring to ICC Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda.

“But what is your authority now? If we are not members of the treaty, why are you f****** in this country? You cannot exercise any proceedings here without basis. That is illegal and I will arrest you,” Duterte added.

The President maintained that he cannot be made to take part in the ICC’s investigation because of its “flawed” position of having no jurisdiction in the Philippines.

“It cannot be corrected anymore. So stop your nonsense. Kayong mga taga-UN, you are better off. We have so many problems to solve, at hanggang ngayon wala kayong napagkikita,” he said.

The Philippines government has withdrawn from the ICC after it launched its preliminary probe related to the war on drugs. The withdrawal will be deemed valid after a year.