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Swerte ng Pinas! Duterte: China wants peace, share its money

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President Rodrigo Duterte sounded like an ambassador of goodwill for China as he extolled it for wanting peace and sharing its money with other Asian countries, even those it has a maritime dispute with.

Duterte only had good words for China when he faced the media early Tuesday (May 16) in Davao City following his arrival from Beijing, where he attended the One Belt, One Road forum.

“But one thing is very clear to me that they have the money and the one to share it. The rationale or rationale behind it is really China would want a peaceful region because it is for region that translates into more prosperity for China,” he said.

Duterte praised China for being “very liberal and generous,” citing as proof its grant for the construction of bridges along the Pasig River.

The President said Beijing also promised “another 500 million,” although it was not clear what currency he meant.

“I have always been very thankful to China for its generosity. And your presence here is one indication that we are doing all right,” Duterte said.