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SWS survey shows Duterte trust ratings ‘slip’ in 4th quarter

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President Rodrigo Duterte continues to enjoy high public trust in the fourth quarter of 2016, but that trust may be starting to slip, according to a survey by Social Weather Stations.

The SWS said its survey conducted Dec. 3 to 6 with 1,500 adults nationwide showed 81 percent had “much trust” in him, nine percent with “little trust” and 10 percent “undecided,” for a net trust rating of +72.

SWS said the +72, considered “excellent,” was four points below the “excellent” +76 (83 percent “much trust,” eight percent “little trust”) in September.

It noted Duterte enjoyed an “excellent” net trust of +79 (84 percent “much trust,” five percent “little trust”) in June, days before his inauguration.

SWS classifies net trust ratings of at least +70 as “excellent”; +50 to +69 “very good”; +30 to +49 “good”; +10 to +29 “moderate”; +9 to -9 “neutral”; -10 to -29 “poor”; -30 to -49 “bad”; -50 to -69 “very bad” and -70 and below “execrable.”

The SWS noted declines in Metro Manila, Mindanao and the Visayas but a steady score in Balance Luzon.

In Mindanao, Duterte’s trust rating remained “excellent” but fell seven points to +85 in December from +92 in September.

In Metro Manila, it fell one grade and 11 points to a “very good” +65 in December from an “excellent” +76 in September. In Visayas, it fell to a “very good” +69 from an “excellent” +73 in September.

Meanwhile, Duterte’s net trust rating stayed “excellent” in urban areas, at +73 from +75 in September. In rural areas, this fell to +71 from +77 in September.

By socioeconomic classes, Duterte had excellent trust ratings in Classes D and E, but fell in Class ABC to a “very good” +59 from an “excellent” +72 in September.

By gender, Duterte’s net trust ratings were “excellent” among males at +75 from +77, but fell among females to a “very good” +69 from an “excellent” +74.

Excerpts of the survey were posted Thursday on SWS’ media partner BusinessWorld (