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1987 Constitution

No term limits for lawmakers pushed by House leaders

The chairman of the House committee on constitutional amendments said Tuesday he was in favor of removing term limits of the members of the future Parliament in the proposed Federal Republic of the Philippines.

OVP to be abolished under new Charter but Leni keeps post

The Office of the Vice President (OVP) will be abolished under the new federal government but Vice President Leni Robredo will stay in her post until 2022, according to changes in the 1987 Constitution proposed by a subcommittee of the…

JV backs Cha-cha plebiscite in 2019

Senator JV Ejercito on Tuesday announced that he would not go along with plans to railroad a massive overhaul of the Constitution, including the abolition of the Senate.

Tipid na, mabilis pa! House panel picks Con Ass for Cha Cha

The House committee on constitutional reform has chosen constituent assembly (Con Ass) as the mode of amending the 1987 Constitution despite the preference of several lawmakers for the convening of a constitutional convention (Con Con).