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House panel wants to boost government’s drug war

The House committee on dangerous drugs has approved the creation of a technical working group (TWG) to consolidate four House bills seeking to “further aid the national government’s efforts to combat and eradicate illegal drugs in the…

What are the 22 charges against Sereno?

The House justice committee voted 33-1 to approve the draft articles of impeachment against Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno, where it condensed into six articles 22 charges against the leader of the judiciary, some of which were not…

Duterte: War ain’t worth the spoils

Speaking from what the country experienced during World War 2, President Duterte pounced on Sunday (April 9) on why it is better to work for peace rather than resort to war in solving disputes here and around the world.

Politikos we lost in 2016 (Part two of two)

Public servants come and go, some more tragically than others. This past year saw a handful of former and incumbent politikos bite the dust in ways that left us agape, shaking our heads, or genuinely devastated.