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Solon says Noy a victim of Dengvaxia

Former President Noynoy Aquino is also a victim of the controversial dengue vaccine, along with the 39 children whose parents claim died after being inoculated with the Dengvaxia vaccine, a lawmaker said.

Slum mum woes as Philippines birth control plans fail

By: Cecil Morella At age 33 and raising six children in a slum named "Paradise Village", Myrna Albos is Exhibit A for the Philippines' serial family planning failures. The plumber's wife already had four children by the time a family…

Binay to DOH: End Japanese encephalitis crisis

Senator Nancy Binay on Sunday called on the Department of Health (DOH) to quell the Japanese encephalitis (JE) crisis which has claimed the lives of nine people in the country amid reports of vaccine shortage and overpricing.

Senate to dig into mysterious milk tea deaths

After the death of two people in Manila due to milk tea, a senator has sought probe on the incidents of food poisoning the country over the years. Milk tea buyer Suzanne Dagohoy and ErgoCha milk tea shop owner William Abrigo died after…