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Famed Village Voice newspaper set to shut down

The Village Voice, the famed alternative New York weekly that grew out of the Greenwich Village cultural scene, was set to shut down its remaining editorial operations, according to reports Friday.

Paul Manafort: from Trump campaign to prison

Donald Trump stood accused of conspiring to commit campaign fraud and two of his closest aides faced jail time Tuesday, after court proceedings delivered a legal and political one-two punch to his embattled presidency.

Vermont chooses first US transgender governor nominee

Vermont Democrat Christine Hallquist has made history as the first openly transgender person nominated for governor by a major party in the United States, defying death threats to take the political fight to Donald Trump.

Cynthia Nixon keeps NY gubernatorial dream alive for now

Cynthia Nixon, the "Sex and the City" actress running for New York governor, kept her political dreams alive Thursday by collecting enough signatures to contest the Democratic Party primary against the two-time establishment incumbent.

Trump, Kim share historic handshake

Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un made history Tuesday, becoming the first sitting US and North Korean leaders to meet and shake hands, as they seek to end a tense decades-old nuclear stand-off.

Eight months on, #MeToo conquering the US

A "Miss America" pageant without swimsuits, tougher sexual harassment laws, more women running for office: Eight months after the downfall of Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, the #MeToo movement reverberates across America.

Jinggoy enjoys family downtime in New York

Former Senator Jinggoy Estrada appears to be having an incredible time relaxing with his family in the United States. In photos shared by his wife Precy Vitug Ejercito, the former senator and his fambam can be seen strolling the streets…

$10B plan for global education launched at UN

The United Nations joined the World Bank and four regional development banks on Friday to launch a plan to boost funding for education by $10 billion as new data shows a growing gap over access to schools.

Ex White House spokesman unveils Melania Trump waxwork

Melania Trump took Washington by storm with her bold fashion choices this week -- now, the model-turned-first lady is a permanent fixture for tourists in New York, complete with her signature pose, lips pursed and eyes slightly squinting.

London looks for answers as murder rate soars

Another deadly night in London is putting pressure on political leaders, as a surge in violence on the streets of the British capital pushes its murder rate higher than New York's.