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Sen. Grace Poe

Poe seeks Malacañang explanation on Rappler ban

Whether there’s basis in President Duterte’s order to bar Rappler reporter Pia Ranada, Sen. Grace Poe said such turn of events is sending a chilling effect on some of the constitutionally-guaranteed provisions on freedom of expression.

Grace pushes to save Filipinos edge in English proficiency

Sen. Grace Poe is worried over the reported decline in English proficiency of Filipino students which has slumped to lower than the proficiency target set for high school students in Thailand and competency requirement for taxi drivers in…

Con-con best mode to amend Charter – Poe

If plans to ​amend the C​onstitution will proceed this year, Sen. Grace Poe on Thursday said she prefer​s a Constitutional ​convention (Con-Con) ​over a c​onstituent ​a​assembly (​Co​n-​ass) ​as the mode to introduce such changes.