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Temerity: Why is Binay helping Marcoses to come back

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A people who forget their history are compelled to repeat it. But repeating martial law and a dictatorship aren’t the primary considerations in these elections.

One consideration is the fact that at least one candidate, Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. had benefitted from the kleptocracy of his parents when they were in power.

And this sort of benefit has bought them a new generation of dubious respectability from a people suffering from historical amnesia.

This also means that the government agency tasked with ensuring that history is in the national consciousness may have been sleeping on the job. But I digress.

How is it that Bongbong Marcos is even being considered a candidate when their family has not been called to account for SPENDING ill gotten wealth? Just the idea that this person had become senator, that his family participates in elections as though the lost twenty years of oppression, grinding poverty and massive government looting did not happen at all.

And for crying out loud, Mr. Vice President, why are you, one of those in the forefront of the fight against the dictator, even considering him as your running mate? This is beyond surreal.

Of course, we also felt the same way when President Benigno Simeon Aquino, took as his Executive Secretary, the law partner of the dictator’s daughter in law Cringe.

But this is all indicative of how we have let this family crawl back to power, placing them in a position for a repeat performance.