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That’s bullsh*t! Duterte blasts Ridon for using Medialdea to justify junkets

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President Rodrigo Duterte isn’t buying dismissed Presidential Commission for the Urban Poor Terry Ridon’s explanation that he sought the Office of the President’s permission for his travels abroad.

In a speech at PDP-Laban’s Christmas party Wednesday (December 13), Duterte said not all invitations to international meetings and conferences should be accepted.

“Basta — you know, when you say, ‘I got a permit to go out from Medialdea.’ That’s b*** s ***. Is that the only purpose of going out? Getting a permit?” he asked.

Ridon earlier said his overseas travels were justified because he obtained permission from Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea.

Duterte said Ridon should have shown his output from the overseas trips he made, which the President earlier said amounted to seven in a span of one year.

“I will not be a silent head there na basta na lang kung anong gawain ninyo for the sake that there is money and everytime there is a convention, a seminar around the world…,” he said.

Duterte said the government would’ve lost money if all officials accepted invitations to attend overseas conferences .

He said he couldn’t fathom why Ridon had to travel a lot considering his agency dealt with the concerns of the urban poor.