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The Real SONA is in the negative space

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The real SONA is in the spectacle of nearly ten thousand police officers pulled out of duty from various provinces and jurisdictions enforcing a security policy that bordered on overkill. No. Wait. It WAS overkill. The real SONA is in the number of people disgruntled and willing to take to the streets to state it loud and clear. The real SONA is in the hungry and the poor who had to hear that they aren’t hungry or poor anymore. Or really ought to not be.

The real SONA was not mentioned in the President’s speech, the gains of the cultural agencies in protecting heritage, promoting the arts.  It is in the unindicted Cabinet members congratulated and thanked in the august halls of Congress. It is in the unmentioned rampaging prices of telcos for both calls, text and internet. In the unmitigated building of high rises despite the fact that what is needed are low cost housing. It is in the restraining policy issued to the Armed Forces to desist from repelling the Chinese encroaching in the Kalayaan Island Group. It is in the image of fishermen and civilians taking up the cudgels for a country externally attacked.

The real SONA is in the rose increased economic gains, that have not benefitted small business owners, not spread out the gains, not trickled them down. The real SONA is in the unmentioned FOI and in the vague statement that the anti-dynasty law is needed.

The real SONA is again in the spaces between the lines, the long lines of the MRT whose break down is allegedly not the government’s fault. It is in the space between the current state of the people’s patience and the point of no return.

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