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Time to heal, rebuild Marawi City – Aquino

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Senator Bam Aquino on Monday expressed willingness in working with the Duterte administration in rising Marawi City from the ruins of war now that the siege by the ISI-linked Maute group is finally over after five months.

“We fully support efforts to rehabilitate Marawi City and to bring normalcy and prosperity into the lives of Maranao families,” he said.

“Now, we must illuminate the hopeful Filipino spirit. It’s time to work together to heal, rebuild and create prosperity in Marawi City,” Aquino added.

Aquino, member of the special committee on Marawi City Rehabilitation, the liberation of Marawi City makes the end of a dark period in Philippine history, when terrorists sowed fear, violence and devastation.

“Our Armed Forces deserve our utmost praise and gratitude for this victory and for sacrificing their lives to bring peace to our country,” he said.

The senator also commended members of other local government units, government agencies, civil organizations and the private sector which took in evacuees and provided support to families who lost their homes and livelihood.

It’s high time to focus on rebuilding and developing Marawi City, Aquino added.