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Top tweets: Faeldon’s excuses, VM Duterte’s media rant, Mocha’s power move

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1. After Faeldon skips Senate inquiry, JV Ejercito expects ‘wheelchair’ excuse next

2. Paolo Duterte tags corrupt media for demolition job: Pera-pera lang

3. Mocha Uson’s power move: Malacañang finally grants press credentials to bloggers

(Photo courtesy: Twitter/@AskSonnie)

4. Twitter abuzz over DDS as biggest media network: Saang galaxy?

5. What’s the fuss about? Mocha Uson twits media for objecting to bloggers’ entry to Palace

6. Mar Roxas dismayed by Duterte’s abolition of Negros island region: Sayang!

7. Kiko Pangilinan picks his favorite ‘indie’ actress

8. Follow Mar Roxas’ ‘lamon’ journey

9. JV Ejercito living healthy with keto diet

10. Palace: Ethel Booba, Juana Change can cover Duterte events if…