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Trillanes to Duterte: You can’t fool the US, they know what’s happening in PH

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Senator Antonio Trillanes IV has broken his silence over his trip to Washington D.C. which the pro-Duterte camp claimed was part of his shame campaign against the current administration.

In a statement Friday, Trillanes confirmed that he met with senior United States government officials to include Senator Marco Rubio.

“As mentioned in the tweet of Sen. Rubio, we talked about enhancing RP-US relations, corruption and the human rights situation in the country. Unlike officials of the Duterte Administration, I presented only factual information,” said Trillanes.

“Besides, you cannot fool the US government; they know what’s happening in our country,” said the most vocal critic of Duterte in a Senate full of Duterte apologists.

Trillanes denied claims by the pro-Duterte camp that he pleaded with US senators to stop the visit of US President Donald Trump to the Philippines next month.

“To be clear, I did not try to stop the state visit of Pres. Trump since these things are carefully planned and cannot be stopped on the mere say so of a Philippine senator,” said Trillanes.

He also denied speculations that his trip had treasonous intentions.

“Be assured that I pushed for the interests of our country. But let me emphasize that the interests of our country are not necessarily the same as the interests of Mr. Duterte,” said Trillanes.

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