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Tuloy ang laban! Patricia Bautista to pursue plunder raps vs hubby Andy

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Commission on Election (Comelec) Chairman Andres Bautista’s wife ​​continues to be his thorn.

After Congress voted to impeach him despite announcing his resignation, his wife Patricia wants to indict him with plunder and other criminal offenses.

“The impeachment will only remove him from his position,” lawyer Lorna Kapunan, Patricia’s legal counsel, said on Friday (October 14).

“Criminal cases have to be filed against him, his mother, sister, brother, Atty. Divina, Smartmatic, Luzon Development Bank, etc. for plunder, bribery, graft, corruption, money laundering, recovery by the Govt of ill gotten wealth,tax evasion,” she pointed out.

Kapunan disclosed she is just waiting for the results of National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) probe against him.

“We are awaiting the report of the NBI on the evidence Patricia turned over to them,” the lawyer said.