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Turkish PM declares victory in referendum

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Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim declared late Sunday victory for the “Yes” camp in the referendum for constitutional amendments that will change governing system of the country from parliamentary system to presidential system.

“The presidential system, according to unofficial results, has been confirmed with a ‘Yes’ vote,” Yildirim said delivering a victory speech on the balcony of ruling Justice and Development Party headquarters.

“A new page was opening in Turkey’s democratic history, and there is no loser of the public vote,” he said.

“We are one nation,” he said, stressing that it was time for solidarity.

Yildirim stressed that they would not ostracize those who voted “No” in the referendum.

With 99 percent of votes counted, 51.35 percent backed the constitutional changes, compared to 48.65 percent for the “No” side, according to figures by state-run Anadolu Agency.

More than 86 percent of 55 million Turkish electorates, including 1.3 million voters abroad, casted vote on Sunday. (PNA/Xinhua)