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Twitter abuzz over DDS as biggest media network: Saang galaxy?

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Preident Duterte’s group of supporters known DDS is supposedly the largest media network but some netizens isn’t buying such claim.

Several netizens questioned Bruce Rivera’s claim about the DDS as a media entity after getting accreditation for the ASEAN ministerial meetings in Manila.

“How did the @DFAPHL accredit media orgs & reporters for the ASEAN event this weekend? How did a “DDS” org get accredited? Credentials?” former poll commissioner Gregorio Larrazabal tweeted.

“You’d think that priority would be given to legitimate news organizations (local & foreign) for the ASEAN, who churn out legit news reports,” he said.

Another netizen @rvcruz2 thought Rivera was “crazy” while netizen @nad027 questioned which galaxy the DSS existed as a media network.

“DDS = Media?, Bruce Rivera = Media? In what galaxy?” @nad027 tweeted.