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Umali goads Sereno into attending impeachment hearings: Her fate is sealed if she doesn’t

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House Justice Committee chairman Reynaldo Umali believes Supreme Court Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno can still save herself from impeachment– if she attends the hearings in Congress.

In an interview over ANC Sunday (January 14), Umali said his colleagues may be convinced to impeach Sereno if she continues to snub the hearings.

“If there is nothing we can get from [her] to refute any of these allegations, then I think — and based on my conversation with the other members, and considering also that we have a super majority in the House of Representatives — I think there will be sufficiency of votes to impeach her,” he said.

Umali said eight to 10 more hearings may be conducted on the impeachment complaint filed by abogado Larry Gadon since they have only covered two grounds so far.

He earlier said the panel plans to wrap up the hearings before Congress goes on break in March.

Sereno has refused to attend the hearings, saying her abogados can represent her.

Lawmakers, however, have refused to let Sereno’s legal team take part in the proceedings.

At least one-third of 293 House members need to vote for Sereno’s impeachment before a trial starts at the Senate.