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UP’s Luis Teodoro says Duterte’s tirade at PDI, ABS-CBN is ‘problematic.’ Here’s why

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University of the Philippines journalism professor Luis Teodor sees a problem with President Rodrigo Duterte’s accusation that broadcast giant ABS-CBN and the Philippine Daily Inquirer are biased and corrupt even if there are times when they have been unfair in reporting about the administration.

Appearing as a guest on CNN Philippines’ News Night Friday (March 31), Teodoro, an officer of media watchdog Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility (CMFR), said Duterte’s allegations were problematic because he did not back them up with any evidence.

“Now the problem is that there are no particulars in these accusations. Where does the conclusion that they are corrupt come from? What are the specific instances, for example?” he asked.

In a speech before newly appointed officials and members of the Philippine Councilors’ Leage last March 30, Duterte lashed out at ABS-CBN and the Inquirer for supposedly being biased in covering him and his administration.

“Inquirer, mga bullshit kayo. Pati yang ABS CBN, basura yan ano ninyo,” he said.

Duterte said he does not care if he resorts to below the belt attacks as long as he was able to express his anger.

“Mga bastos din kayo, sa totoo lang,” he said. “Ako maggawa ng programa sa PTV4, bastusin ko rin kayo.

“Pag nagsabi kayo, mga putang ina ninyo, sabihin ko mga putang ina ninyo rin….Inquirer, you have never been fair. Bastos kayo, pati ABS-CBN bastos kayo,” Duterte said.

While each administration has never been fully pleased with the coverage of mainstream media, Teodoro considers Duterte’s tirades “unprecedented” because he accompanies them with profanities.

The professor said it was a “mistaken” belief for the President to think that media entities are always unfair in reporting even though there are times they are biased in their coverage of the administration.