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UP’s Randy David says Duterte wants the impossible: Sorry, int’l community can’t, won’t leave PH alone

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President Rodrigo Duterte is wishing for the moon when he said the international community should “leave us alone,” University of the Philippines sociology professor Randy David said.

In his March 26 column for the Philippine Daily Inquirer, David said global public opinion is an inescapable reality that all countries should learn how to deal with since the world has become one big society.

“No government, no matter how popular, can command the rest of the world to ‘leave us alone’ and expect to be taken seriously,” he said.

Aside from the United Nations and foreign media, David said other international players which would be quick to react to anything that happens in the Philippines include financial institutions, global corporations and credit and investment ratings.

The difference between citizens’ opinion and that of global players is the swiftness with which they react.

“Unlike citizens that must often wait for elections to make their opinions matter, global players can act almost immediately and with equally costly consequences,” David said. “They can put their money into a country’s stocks in expectation of long-term growth and stability, or withdraw capital at the first sign of political uncertainty.”

While Duterte may construe the views given by foreign entities on his policies as interference in the country’s affairs, David said any form of public opinion “serves as a society’s ultimate tool of self-observation” and may prompt a government to examine itself.