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Wag kayong epal! Panelo slams EU for interfering in PH affairs

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Salvador Panelo, chief presidential legal counsel, slammed on Friday the European Parliament for meddling in the Philippines’ drug war under the Duterte administration.

“They can not dictate on the Philippine government on what to do with its constituents facing criminal charges nor can they interfere with the judicial processes of our country,” Panelo said.

“Neither can they demand our government the performance an act. That is foreign interference. They should mind their own business,” he added.

The European Parliament called for an international investigation into “unlawful killings and other violations” in the Philippines linked to President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs.

In a joint resolution adopted by plenary on Thursday, the chamber called for nations in the European Union to support the establishment at the United Nations Human Rights Council of a probe given the alarming rate of deaths by Philippine law enforcement sectors and vigilantes.

In the same text, members of parliament condemn the killings strongly and express “grave concern over credible reports to the effect that the Philippine police force is falsifying evidence to justify extrajudicial killings, and that overwhelmingly the urban poor are those being targeted.”