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Wala daw politika? LP blames police ineptitude for snafu on EU politiko’s visit to Leila de Lima

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The Liberal Party (LP) rubbished Malacanang’s claim that there was no political motive in barring Liberal International (LI) president Juli Minoves from visiting Senator Leila de Lima in her cell at the Philippine National Police (PNP) Custodial Center inside Camp Crame last Saturday.

“Is it incompetence then? Is competence being used as an excuse for the government’s refusal to have him visit the senator and see for himself her condition and how she is treated?” the LP asked in a statement.

The LP said that Minoves submitted to the government a formal letter, following the protocols set by the PNP-Custodial Center for such appointments, on his visit to De Lima last July 17 or five days before his scheduled visit.

“The police claimed to have lost the letter,” they said, noting news reports on quoting Minoves who said that PNP officers told him they could not find his letter seeking permission to visit de Lima.

Minoves, who was a former foreign minister of Andorra and ambassador to the United Nations (UN), flew to the Philippines from London just to visit the detained senator.

He arrived Saturday morning and left the same day.

The LP claimed that Minoves was barred entry because of his presentation before the United Nations (UN) where he cited the senator’s detention and condemned the continuing violation of fundamental human rights and the rule of law in the Philippines.

“We believe this is the real reason too,” the LP said.