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Where’s the beef?

Jul 20, 2015 @ 12:03

By Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles

Where is Senator Grace Poe’s program? Or programs?

So far we have heard her defend her inexperience by saying that such is better than experience in corruption. Apples and oranges, really, but who will tell her that? Who will tell her that her logic is flawed but that we can see her responses are carefully calculated Public Relations fueled ones.

I mean, lets face it. Ms. Poe is set up as a candidate not for any purpose but as an antidote to a perceived impending Binay win. Her only claim to fame is her fame. But there is no track record to speak of save her lackluster MTRCB run. And Mamasapano. Where, sadly, she dropped the ball.

So lets take on her inexperience take. The theory is that since she is inexperienced, she will be honest. Since she knows nothing about stealing, she won’t steal. Er… maybe we should skip that part.

On the other hand, lets see how she deals with the politics of power. And in her Mamasapano run, she clearly dropped the ball. To this day, she has only the flimsiest of explanations as to why she has not released the Senate report. She started off well, led in no small part by people’s reactions to how she was handling it. She certainly seemed like she had discovered the true villains in this sad scenario, with no less than 44 dead. Yet in no small part due to her rising popularity and the possibility of a Presidential of Vice Presidential run she caved in.

Sorry guys, no report. Or at least no report forthcoming.

And then… there is nothing else.

So how does the discerning electorate decide that we can put our fate into her supposedly capable hands? Her upbringing? Her associations? Her heretofore undisclosed experiences in the US – what exactly were you doing in the US, Ms. Poe? Seriously. Could you tell us? Because the nasty rumors are getting nastier, and you still have nothing to show by way of platforms for good governance.

Its early, Ms. Poe. We have time to change our minds.

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  • Ed Roque

    Ayan, simula pa lang yan Grace Poe at agree kami sa sinulat ni Atty. Cruz-Angeles. Where’s the beef? Huwag kang magpasilaw sa survey at sa bulong-bulong ni Escudero. PERO kung desidido na kayo, wala kayong pinagka-iba kay Ping Lacson na siyang dahilan ng pagkapanalo ni corrupt na GMA – KAYO ni Chiz ang dahilan ng pagkapanalo ng nakakatakot na si pinaka-corrupt na si [email protected]#?

  • joni_depp

    Does Binay have a detailed program of what he will do as president? Does Mar have a detailed platform of government beyond empty rhetoric about continuing so-called ‘reforms’ under ‘daang matuwid’? Perhaps Grace Poe needs some time to evolve a list of programs that she will undertake. For one, Grace Poe has declared that she does not favor BBL, and I take that as a ver positive first step.

  • airplanes33

    What do you mean no report? The committee report has been filed and to my knowledge, copies of it are even available for download on the Senate website. It’s committee report no. 120. The recommendations were also submitted to relevant agencies who are qualified to file appropriate charges.

  • Pulse Asia has spoiled Sen. Poe. It made her head swell to the extent that made her feel like a superwoman, with the counter-effect of causing her brain to shrink. In my younger days, while applying for employment from one prospective employer to another, I was told that experience plays the greater role for hiring an applicant. Here comes Sen. Poe who, faking the cue from body language, is bent on applying to the Filipino people for her election as president come May, 2016. If elected, her inexperience will certainly compel her to lean heavily on advisers who, as the past will illustrate, may have also their own selfish agenda to push at the expense of the president. Can the people allow that to happen in the face of the never-ending problems that the country is facing? If I were Sen. Poe, I would rather take some “apprenticeship” lessons by seeking the Vice-Presidency first. Anyway, if she were really honest and not corrupt, she could demonstrate that to the people while being Vice-President and will surely be her ticket to the presidency.

  • Zastava888

    so far she’s like a bag of chips. Tasty but no real nutritional value. And if Binay is as bad as his critics say he is, that assertion in itself adds no value to Grace Poe as a candidate for president.

  • amelius23

    Where is the beef? still in the pasture land. Since Sen. Grace Poe have not yet announced her firm intention to run for higher office the question is, where is the beef? Will she not look stupid to start announcing her program of govt. when she have not officially declared her candidacy? The one who asks that questions now are more of a make believe inquisitor but amazing Grace have common sense not to react on such irrelevant questions for her at the moment?


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