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Will you pull trigger or not? LP urges Duterte to state stand on RevGov

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Members of the opposition Liberal Party (LP) on Thursday called on President Rodrigio Duterte to categorically state whether or not he would declare a revolutionary government.

The declaration would lay to rest any lingering apprehension of the public on Duterte repeated threats to form a revolutionary government, the LP said.

“There seems to be an intention to confuse the public with mixed messages. There are various pronouncements about a revolutionary government which in turn are further muddled when interpreted by his spokespersons,” they said.

Although Duterte has declared he would form a revolutionary government if his political rivals would continue in their attempts to topple him from power, Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque reiterated that the Chief Executive does not really want to resort to such.

“This, however, does not mean he would prevent citizens from expressing their support for a revolutionary government,” Roque said.

Some pro and anti-revolutionary government rallies marked the 154th birth anniversary of Andres Bonifacio, one of the country’s most revered freedom fighters.

The people are free to hold mass actions but participants are called to conduct their mass actions in a peaceful and orderly manner, Roque said.

LP said such talks or threats of a revolutionary government by top government officials only cheapen the gallantry and sacrifices of the country’s heroes like Bonifacio, who have fought for self-determination and social order, freedom and democracy now being enjoyed by Filipinos.

“The phantom of chaos, destabilization and ouster raised by the administration can be dealt with under the present Constitution. A revolutionary government is not an option under the Constitution, unless the real intention is an authoritarian rule, which will bring us back to the dark ages,” they said.