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Yayariin ko kayo lahat! Duterte to go after corrupt guys for Pacquiao

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If there’s one politiko whom President Rodrigo Duterte feels matches his hatred for corruption, that would be Senator Manny Pacquiao.

In a speech at the senator’s 39th birthday party Sunday (December 17), Duterte said he will go after the bad guys for Pacquiao.

“So birthday niya, let us honor — or at least the entire Philippines is listening now — ang gift ko sa kanya is jointly with his personal hatred for corruption,” he said.

“I join him with the same intensity of hate. And ‘yan ang birthday ko — gift ko para sa kanya, yayariin ko kayong lahat,” Duterte warned.

Earlier in his speech, Duterte said Pacquiao could become President.

“Yung style mo na ‘yan gusto kita gawaing presidente. Alam mo kaya mo,” he recalled telling the senator.