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Year one pa lang: I will resign as President if necessary. Matanda na ako -Duterte

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President Rodrigo Duterte is contemplating to step down from Malacanang after reaching his 365th day in office.

In a speech in Tagum City, Duterte said: “And if necessary, I will resign as President. Matanda na ‘ko. 72. I will be finished with this job 77 years old. Matanda na ako, wheelchair, dito na banda magsalita.”

The audience took it as a joke and laughed.

“Ano pa man habulin ko sa buhay? Nothing to lo — do not fuck with me because I have nothing to lose,” he added.

Starting June 12, Duterte has taken long periods away from the public – initially five days straight followed by a six-day absence. Duterte claimed he was resting during his absence except for one time when he had to go on a secret mission.

Duterte has refused to give his state of health to the public claiming it was immaterial because the line of succession was clear with Vice President Leni Robredo ready to fill the void anytime.