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Yes, Duterte is no Marcos. UP’s Luis Teodoro tells why

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President Rodrigo Duterte was correct when he said he shouldn’t be compared to the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos.

University of the Philippines journalism professor Luis Teodoro listed the reasons why Duterte should not be considered as Marcos’ clone in his July 28 column for Business World.

As a bar topnotcher, Teodoro said Marcos “knew his law” and never mentioned about disregarding human rights even though he never said he respected it.

While Marcos relied on the police and military to keep him in power, Teodoro said the late dictator never promised they would be immune from prosecution as long as they followed his orders.

“Dependent as he (Marcos) was on police and military collaboration, he surrounded himself with some of the most competent thinkers, writers, and academics of the period,” the professor said.

As a master orator, Teodoro said Marcos also chose his words carefully and spoke in a modulated voice.

“He never cursed anyone in public, least of all the Pope or any other head of State. Although he had a roving eye, he neither sniggered at or made sexually suggestive comments about women, nor insulted them in public,” Teodoro said.

Duterte said he should never be compared to Marcos since he never stole public funds.

He, however, has praised the late dictator as a great leader.