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Yes to life! to hold noise barrage in protest of death penalty bill’s approval

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Students from Ateneo de Manila University are set to hold another rally along Katipunan Wednesday (March 8) to protest the approval on third reading of the bill reinstating the death penalty.

In announcing the rally, ADMU’s student council said: “The Sanggunian decries this decision, a step closer to sanctioning state-sponsored death in our country once more.”

“We call on the Ateneo de Manila community to respond to the nationwide call to come out and make noise, to express our outcry against the passing of the bill at the Lower House, but moreso to reaffirm our commitment to work for truth, justice, and life,” it added.

The rally will take place along Katipunan starting 12 noon.

The university will hold a joint program with students from Miriam College at 12:30 p.m.

Ateneans are urged to wear white and bring noisemakers.