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Elago compares Duterte’s bloody policies to Hitler’s Holocaust

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Kabataan partylist Rep. Sarah Elago said President Rodrigo Duterte’s crackdown on communist insurgents and his push for a revolutionary government might approach the levels of the Holocaust under Adolf Hitler during World War II.

“Duterte’s self-imposed crackdown (on CPP-NPA) and his own version of a revolutionary government is not only creeping in — it is already unfolding. From what we see today, it is worse than Marcosian dictatorship, and can even be as equally deadly as Hitler’s holocaust,” she said.

The Holocaust refers to the systematic, state-wide murder of six million Jews by Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler.

Elago said that in only two years, “Duterte’s records outdo post-Marcos dictatorship administrations” with 13,000 victims of the war on drugs — more unreported, 113 politically-related extrajudicial killings — and still counting, 256 illegally arrested and detained, 426,170 forced to evacuate, 364,617 victims of indiscriminate firing and bombing, 39,623 victims of the use of public places for military purpose, and 22 victims of politically-motivated frustrated extrajudicial killings.

“The records verify the truth that of all terror groups the Philippines has ever encountered, nothing beats the government itself in its record of ‘sowing and creating a condition of widespread and extraordinary fear and panic’,” she said.