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17 most savage clapbacks from Kris Aquino in epic feud with James Yap, Korina Sanchez

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From the queen of all media, politiko scion Kris Aquino has somehow become the queen of badass clapbacks on Instagram, bringing back amusement into our lives.

Kris pulled no punches in shutting down her former lover James Yap (for allegedly being a hypocrite and absentee dad to Bimby), television host Korina Sanchez (for supposedly betraying her when she interviewed Yap on TV), as well as haters and bashers online.

Her string of Instagram comebacks was fast, furious and ruthless, at times with an amusing dash of advertisements to boot.

Scroll down for Kris’ brutal slays online that may perhaps delight or annoy you.


  1. When Kris shamelessly yet artfully endorsed Ariel and Safeguard in tirade vs James


2. When Kris channeled her inner Taylor Swift in dealing with challenges


3. When Kris ignored a netizen’s plea to stop her online rant

4. When Kris showed gratitude for a netizen’s praise and support


5. When Kris was told by a netizen to simply chill


6. When taking the high road or Skyway was not enough


7. When Kris told a troll to get some balls

8. When Kris refused to respond to a chicken


9. When Kris advised a netizen on how to deal with stress


10. When Kris shut down a ‘faker’ online



11. When Kris could not deal with stupidity


12. When Kris explained why she was being OA


13. When Kris marked her Instagram territory


14. When Kris hit back at Korina for lack of delicadeza

15. When Kris could not say the name of ‘misis ni Mar’


16. When Kris felt she deserved a ‘thank you’ from the government


17.  When Kris felt like giving away chocolates


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