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Duterte believes all ‘qualified’ Filpinos should have a gun: Kailangan maraming armas dito sa Pilipinas

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President Rodrigo Duterte is advocating that all “qualified” Filipinos should buy a gun because it’s better to be armed than defenseless at all times.

“I’ve (been) telling everybody. It’s better na may armas ka, practice ka lang sandali. And if you do not need it, fine. It should… everlasting credit to you. Ang mahirap ‘yung kailangan mo tapos wala ka,” said Duterte in a speech at the 25th Association of Firearms and Ammunition Dealers of the Philippines (AFAD) convention in Davao City Friday
“Kaya ako I’m also telling you… maski (caliber) 22 lang, 22, 380 huwag na lang ‘yung mga pang-sportsman. I’ve been telling everybody. Get a gun. If you are qualified, get a gun,” he added.

He said there were too many unlicensed firearms in the hands of people who were not qualified to have one.

“It’s better to be prepared. Huwag na masyado sa labas makatakbo ka pa. Ang problema when you are invaded, when there’s an invasion in your house and you have to protect a family,” said Duterte.

“Kailangan maraming armas dito sa Pilipinas. So at this level now, it’s a bit dangerous to… sabihin mo it’s more dangerous to be not without a firearm,” he added.

But he said Filipinos should limit themselves to only one gun because having too many was dangerous.

“I’m discouraging also from the collectors of… pagka marami na, pag natimingan (timing) kasi, nata-timingan nga ‘yung mga security agency, lalo na bahay. It’s too many, one too many is not also good. There’s always that odd of, the odds of increasing the danger,” he said.

Duterte kept his speech short because he couldn’t wait to see the firearms and ammunitions on display.” I need not talk more, hindi naman kayo ang pinuntahan ko dito, ‘yung baril sa totoo lang. So may I be excused and say thank you for inviting me,” he said.