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How to cure constipation? Duterte suggests bird’s nest soup, Yakult


Suffering from constipation? You might want to try the remedies that worked for President Rodrigo Duterte.

At a gathering of gastroenterologists Friday (September 21) in Cebu, Duterte shared that constipation runs in his family, with his late grandfather and son Sebastian suffering from it.

He said a Chinese relative recommended some food items as a cure for constipation.

“You drink one cup of — it’s quite expensive here — bird’s nest because I think it’s all fiber. You just drink one bottle every night before sleeping. It’s just like a gelatin, bird’s nest. Very similar. Then you take Yakult,” he said.

Duterte said eating bird’s nest soup and drinking Yakult will make one go to the bathroom often.

“If you take it regular, every night, reduce it to ano… I’m telling you, you guys forget about your gastro thing,” he said.