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Senatorial wannabe’s fundraiser snubbed by supporters: Pera pera na lang!


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A senatorial wannabe’s (SW) fundraising dinner ended up being an intimate gathering of sorts after most of the people he invited skipped it.

Politiko’s source said there were several empty chairs at SW’s fundraiser, where a seat costs at least P10,000.

SW probably thought his circle of influence was so big so he reserved a venue with about a hundred tables. Given the cost per seat, SW hoped to raise P12 million through the dinner for his campaign.

Alas, the venue was not filled with supporters— as SW expected.

While several of SW’s friends and colleagues bought tickets to the fundraiser, they didn’t feel their presence was needed at the dinner.

One can only hope that SW managed to raise the funds he needed— even without the warm bodies at the dinner— because he would have to spend a lot to be assured of victory in a tight senatorial race.

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