No to bleeding hearts: Being poor is not an excuse to be a drug pusher or criminal – Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte has had enough of television soundbites of grieving mothers who blame him for killing their sons in the bloody police crackdown on crime and illegal drugs just because they were poor.

“Being poor is not an excuse. Huwag mong damayan ang Republika ng Pilipinas just because mahirap ka, puro dito mga bleeding hearts—human rights, mga mahirap,” said Duterte in a transcript provided by Malacanang.

Duterte appears exasperated over prime time TV reports painting a bad profile of his administration showing that almost all of the fatalities in the Philippine National Police’s were from the poor sector. These reports normally end with footages of their mothers or relatives bawling and blaming him for the death of their son whom they admitted were selling or taking drugs.

“Madali mag-atake, sabihin na namataydahil mahirap lang. I s that an excuse? You want to fool the whole world dahil mahirap lang, kalokohan yan. The world will never stop to turn because you are poor, that is not an excuse to destroy society, ” said Duterte.

He explained the mindset of these supposed victims of summary killings. “Pag andiyan na yung kati ng katawan mo sa shabu, magholdap ka, magnakaw ka, patayin mo pa, pag nabangag ka, patayin mo tatay mo, mang rape ka. Human rights? Eh yung mga yan?” said Duterte.

Duterte said the poor even used their lack of education and income to their refusal to follow basic rules for citizens. “Tingnan mo sa daan, traffic, grabe paano di matatraffic, andiyan sa gitna. And their excuse, kasi mahirap lang kami, that is not an excuse to me,” said Duterte.

He offered to give what he called as “bleeding hearts” to run the government’s anti-crime campaign so that they could personally see what the his administration was up against. “You work on an appointment date, mag-usap tayo, ibibigay ko lahat. Walang problema, sige kayo ang magpatakbo,” said Duterte.

Duterte said he was taking extreme measures because he doesn’t have the luxury of time.

“I would need time but the law and order cannot wait. Naiintindihan ninyo? Kakaupo lang namin there is crime in the streets. People are getting raped, robbed, pati mga nanay, tatay patayin, I cannot wait na sabihin mo na magkapera tayo,” said Duterte.

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