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Day: October 9, 2021

Top news in politics this week! (Oct 4-9, 2021)

Top news in politics this week!

10. Graduate na sa politika? Duterte announces his retirement from politics.

9. Duterte warns Senate: Baka yang in aid of legislation nyo maging first aid!

8. Naduwag si Dick? Gordon cancels trip to Comelec after Duterte stops by Sofitel

7. Now there’s seven presidential candidates!

6. Never nainvolve sa isyu ng korapsyon! Ping Lacson unbothered with more popular candidates

5. Ready na matalo for the fourth time? Robredo-Marcos will compete again for a nation position.

4. Everything turns pink! Leni supporters emotional on her Presidential bid

3. Puro ka against Marcos! Isko slams VP Leni’s unity talks

2. Ayaw ngang tumakbo! Sara chooses re-election in Davao City

1. Plot twist! Sara na naging Bato pa!

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