SC bars courts from accepting petitions for adoption. Here’s why

The Supreme Court (SC) has has ordered courts to no longer accept petitions for the local adoption of a child.

SC Clerk of Court Marife Lomibao-Cuevas said in a notice that this is stated in the SC’s April 19 resolution concerning the enactment of Republic Act No. 11642, also known as Administrative Adoption and Alternative Child Care Act.

The SC said that, since the law took effect last Jan. 28, “courts may no longer receive or accept petitions for domestic adoption, jurisdiction over the same being now lodged with the National Authority for Child Care (NACC).”

With this, the tribunal said “adoption proceedings are now administrative.”

The SC also pointed out that the law states that “[a]ll judicial petitions for domestic adoption pending in court upon the effectivity of the Act may be immediately withdrawn, and the parties to the same shall be given the option to avail of the benefits of the Act.”

“If the petitioner/ s do not withdraw their petition, the court shall continue to hear and decide the same pursuant to Sec. 56, R.A. No. 11642,” it said.

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