Guanzon to sue Cardema: ‘Uubusin ko ‘yung pera niya sa gastos sa attorney’s fees’

By Billy Begas

P3PWD partylist Representative-elect Rowena Guanzon on Friday said she will be filing cases against National Youth Commission (NYC) chairperson Ronald Cardema next week.

In a television interview, Guanzon said she will file charges against Cardema for threatening her.

“He threatened me, you know he said… in a duel he will…. He used the word head shot, that he will shoot me in the head,” Guanzon said.

Guanzon said she will also file a complaint before the Office of the Ombudsman against Cardema for violating the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees.

“I am also filing against him a million peso suit in Bacolod for damages to my honor and my reputation,” said Guanzon.

She added: “Uubusin ko yung pera nya sa gastos niya sa attorney’s fees after all, I have a lot of lawyers and well I’m also a practicing lawyer and professor myself. I don’t mind spending money for attorney’s fees, I like paying lawyers.”

Guanzon said Cardema has a personal grudge against her for not letting him serve as a representative of the Duterte Youth party-list.

She stressed that Cardema was not allowed as youth representative for being overage.

“You cannot sit in a youth sector party-list dahil over 40 ka na…. in fact the Commission en banc agreed with me it was a unanimous vote,” stressed Guanzon adding that she was not even the ponente of the resolution.

Guanzon noted that the Comelec allowed Cardema’s wife Rep. Ducielle Marie Cardema to serve as the second nominee.

“This wife now is again overage. Eh ubusuin na lang nila pamilya nila ng hindi overage but that’s allowed by law. But come to think of it, is that a genuine organization whose advocacy is anti-communism. Is that marginalized when you say all these people are anti-communist are marginalized. That is a subject matter in fact of cancellation of registration,” Guanzon added.

Guanzon on Thursday took her oath of office as representative of P3PWD party-list in the incoming 19th Congress.

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