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2nd time’s the charm? Duterte asks Gibo Teodoro anew to become Defense Secretary


President Rodrigo Duterte has asked former Defense Secretary Gilberto “Gibo” Teodoro to return to his old post once again as he considers appointing incumbent Defense chief Delfin Lorenzana as an ambassador overseas.

“I hope he (Teodoro) does accept the offer,” Duterte told military officials in Malacañang Tuesday (August 23).

Early in his speech, the President said he thought of appointing Lorenzana to the ambassadorial post that that needs to be filled right away. He then said he will have to scout for a new Defense Secretary if he fails to get someone who will agree to becoming the Philippines’ top envoy to a country which he did not specify.

Duterte previously asked Teodoro to become handle the defense portfolio a few days after it became clear he was the runaway winner in the May 2016 presidential race.

Teodoro said he would think about the offer and consult with his family. Duterte, however, eventually appointed retired Army general Lorenzana to the post.

The President said he expects Teodoro to have received the offer to head the Department of National Defense by now.

But should the former Cabinet Secretary choose to decline the invitation to join the Cabinet, Duterte said he would choose someone from the military service.

“Marami naman dito, pumili lang ako. You’re all good at okay na tao,” he told the military officials.

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