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Duterte doesn’t mind being called an asshole by media but…


You can call him shit or an asshole, but President Duterte said he is ready to take on criticisms from the media but lamented how families are hurt over accusations that land in the front pages of newspapers and prime time news in television and radio.

“Some might call me s*** or an a****** but walang ano ‘yan. Ang inyo kung baliktarin natin ang inyong mga anak ang medyo nasasaktan,” he said during the oath=taking of members of the Malacanang Press, camera and photographers associations on Monday.

“That’s the only problem about natitingin ko. Because as a President and all others in public office, are public properties,” he said.

Duterte, who had brushes with the media even during the campaign, said he respected press freedom.

“So I am with the press. So what would be the most, maybe relevant or pertinent to talk about? Naturally, it would be about press freedom. Press freedom, ang antithesis ‘non is censorship or outright banning,” he said.

“Just like in the dictatorial countries, autocracy, wala ‘yan, it’s anathema ‘yang press freedom,” Duterte said.

He said the Philippines has the freest press in the region, and that bringing a journalist to court would be a waste of time and effort.

“In the Philippines, you have a freedom that is… You can print what you want. Libel anybody, what you would like to do and slander if you want, because nobody would take you to action, it would just be a waste of time in court,” the President said.

“Always sa gobyerno sinasabi sa amin na the bomb of clear conscience would erase everything. Though it does not really apply to its truest form kasi kaming mga binabanatan may mga anak kami. Ako okay lang sa akin,” Duterte said.

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