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Presidenteng-presidente ang dating! Netizens see Duterte in Barbers-Pichay tiff

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President Rodrigo Duterte’s influence is just so strong that even some honorable congressmen in Batasang Pambansa couldn’t help but curse when they’re provoked.

Netizens can’t help but see a semblance of Duterte’s behavior after Surigao Del Norte Rep. Ace Barbers and Surigao Del Sur Rep. Prospero Pichay cursed each other and almost traded blows with each other during a committee hearing on the proposed Charter change initiatives Wednesday (Oct. 12).

A few hours after the two politikos lost their cool, the Professional Heckler tweeted:

A similar sentiment was shared by some netizens on Facebook:
While Duterte has no qualms about cursing even in public, some netizens think Barbers and Pichay acted in a way unbecoming of their position during the hearing.

Barbers and Pichay swapped “putang ina mo’s” during the hearing of the Committee on Constitutional Amendments on Charter Change after a heated debate on the mode of amending the 1987 Charter.

Barbers was the first to hurl the expletive against Pichay after saying the committee should not entertain “stupid” motions.

Pichay barked back and pushed the smaller Barbers after he pointed his finger at him. Other House members immediately sought to separate them while another colleague urged the committee chair to immediately adjourn the hearing.

The deliberations on Charter Change were then stopped before the lawmakers could agree on anything.