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Aba e gago ka pala: Jay Batongbacal slams Duterte for protesting ‘threat to democracy’ tag


Maritime law expert Jay Batongbacal has scored President Rodrigo Duterte for raising a howl against the United States intelligence community’s report including him as a threat to democracy and human rights in Southeast Asia.

Batongbacal, a law professor at the University of the Philippines, noted that Duterte has been vocal about saying that he’s a dictator, and he has boasted about strong-arming his way to implement reforms.

“You openly admit to being a dictator, openly promote authoritarianism, openly strike at individual rights & freedoms, BUT THEN want to protest being called a threat to democracy? #abaegagokapala,” he said in a Facebook post.

A world assessment threat published last week said democracy and human rights in several Southeast Asian countries will remain “fragile” this year.

“In the Philippines, President Duterte will continue to wage his signature campaign against drugs, corruption, and crime,” the report read.

Malacañang slammed the US intelligence community’s assessment as “myopic and speculative at best.”

Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque maintained that Duterte is not an autocrat and has no “autocratic tendencies.”

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